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Hibiscus Beauty

Lash Sealant

Lash Sealant

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The retention game changer! 


What is a lash sealant?

Lash sealant creates a barrier around your lashes to protect them against the elements that break down adhesive such as oils, sweat, dirt, and makeup. It helps to seal the extensions in for better retention.  And even better, Hibiscus Beauty sealant is enriched with vitamins that help your lashes to continue growing strong and healthy. This sealant is not only great for lash artist but clients as well! This is a must have tool for your clients after care.



How to use: 

For lash techs: After applying the eyelash extensions, remove the mascara wand the lash sealant comes with and use a microbrush to apply a small amount of product to the base of the lashes. This can be applied after a super bonder!

For clients:  Can be used daily after cleaning your lashes with Hibiscus Beauty's Lash Cleanser.




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